IFBB Pro Zach Romano

“One of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire bodybuilding career was linking up with Matt back in 2019. Not only did he help me turn pro, but hes taken my physique and knowledge to another level and making me a serious contender in the IFBB.”

IFBB Pro Kayla Murphy

“Ive been working with Matt since 2016 when I first began bodybuilding. Matt is extremely knowledgeable, and constantly continuing his education to further help his athletes. I turned pro with him in 2018 and each season we keep bringing better packages! My first pro season we landed 2 first call out placings, and I cant wait for whats in store in the future!”

Tyler Rainford

“I came to Matt with an idea and he turned it into a reality. Classic physique was always the ultimate goal for me and I didn’t have much support when it came to that aspiration. I came to Matt with a foundation and he helped me bring a true classic physique to the stage while keeping my health number one priority. In a matter of 10 months we managed to add 17lbs to my frame and earn me 1st place and Overall at my first classic physique show. Im forever grateful for his support and the knowledge hes applied to my programming. An amazing coach and an even better friend. “

Aspen Daw

“Bodybuilding was something completely new to me just 10 months ago. I needed a coach and a team that’d be there for me when I had questions, explain to me why things were done a certain way, and help me frow into the wellness division and sport all together. I cannot express the amount of pride I had walking across that stage for the first time back in June, and I couldn’t have done it without The Body Technicians guidance along the way. If you’re looking for a supportive, empowering, and overall amazing team to join, this is the one for you.”

James Winkler

“I began working with Matt in 2016 at age 46. Competing in my first competitions in masters and open. Over the years Matt has helped me achieve many top placements at the regional level including one overall. The last two years I have placed top 5 in multiple national shows and I know that Matt will help me achieve my pro status soon! Matt takes the time to invest in you and help you learn about health as a bodybuilder. He is skilled at keeping you healthy as a competitor, which is not something many do. He will work to make sure your prep and post prep is done in the healthiest path possible. Matt ended up fixing cortisol stress levels and Gut health issues I didn’t even know I had. Issues that held me back from being the best I could on stage but more important that helped give me a healthier quality of life.”

Jackie Minella

“I started working with Tom in the beginning of November 2020 in hopes of starting my first contest prep. Prior to working with him, it was extremely difficult to get my body to respond. One of the first things Tom had me do, before I started prep, was to get blood work. Upon gettin the results, we saw several of my hormones were not optimal at all to successfully start my first prep. My cortisol was through the roof (the highest he has ever seen), my estrogen was also high, and several of my other hormones, specifically my thyroid hormones, were not where they should have been. In just three months of working with Tom, he was able to correct the major hormone imbalances I had in order to have a healthy and successful prep. I started my bikini prep officially in February 2021. I slowly started dropping weight, my metabolism was working better than ever, and I saw major changes not only in my workouts, but also my physique. I started prep around 155-160 pounds and ended at 120 pounds on stage. In just 7 months Tom was able to completely transform my physique & metabolism, while correcting the hormone imbalances I had.”