Starting at $500 per month

Do you want to learn how to coach others? Or are you already a coach that wants to get better? Then sign up for The Body Technician’s mentorship program! This mentorship is designed for the individual that has at least 1 year of experience in coaching and wants to improve their knowledge base. We will use your current client issues, and go over each scenario as they come during our time together via email or zoom call. If you don’t have any client issues, then we will examine where you may have weaknesses and use case studies and mock situations to enhance your knowledge. Maybe it’s contest prep, or functional health issues such as gut health or hormone imbalances. We will tailor the education to you! You have full access to Matt via email to ask any questions you may have as they arise. During the mentorship, Matt will also have a curriculum laid out for you with new relative information provided weekly via pre-recorded videos, powerpoint presentations, and written notes to expand your coaching knowledge and abilities.

**Minimum timeframe of 3 months required. **