Head Coach

Matt Cusano

Born and raised in Florida, Matt’s passion for fitness began in his late teen years as he began lifting weights while doing mixed martial arts. Over time, his love for weight training and physique enhancement grew, and he shifted his focus toward the sport of bodybuilding. Matt did his first competition at 22 years old. From there he was hooked! In 2012 he got his Bachelors of Exercise Science from UCF in Orlando, and soon after moved up to Charlotte, NC to start a personal training company with a friend. Through his personal training company, Matt began getting local competitors, and as they saw success on stage, Matt’s popularity grew. The personal training company grew to the point that Matt and his partner opened a 24/7 gym in Charlotte called Olympus 365. While owning and operating the gym, Matt established his first competitive bodybuilding team, Xframe Army. During his time coaching hundreds of competitors, Matt continued his education, taking advanced courses online and mentoring under functional coaches as well as a board certified functional physician. Matt now not only specializes in physique enhancement and contest prep, but also functional health. In 2020, Matt began mentoring other coaches and rebranded the team as The Body Technicians. He now works as the head coach, offering off season and contest prep coaching, functional health coaching, and one time health consultations including a review of comprehensive blood work.