Thomas Schnepp

With an impressive 15-year background in competitive bodybuilding, including a successful stint as a professional natural bodybuilder, Thomas is a distinguished figure in the fitness world. His journey into the realm of bodybuilding and weightlifting commenced right after high school, following a season as a competitive track athlete.
Boasting over 13 years of professional coaching experience, he has established himself as a dedicated mentor in the field of fitness. This extensive coaching history encompasses both online and in-person training, showcasing his versatility and ability to connect with clients through various mediums.
Thomas’s niche lies in contest preparation, where his knowledge and insights have made a significant impact. Has has helped numerous clients reach peak physical condition, empowering them to step confidently onto the competitive stage. Beyond contest prep, Thomas is equally adept at working with lifestyle clients, understanding that fitness is a vital part of living a healthier and happier life.
As a coach, Thomas believes in more than just prescribing workouts and diets; he aims to empower individuals to take control of their fitness journey. His coaching approach combines education, motivation, and personalization to guide clients through their unique paths to success.
Whether you’re an aspiring bodybuilder or someone looking to enhance their fitness and lifestyle, Thomas is ready to support you on your journey. Reach out today and begin your transformation towards a stronger, healthier you.