Kaylynn Cogil

Born and raised in Arizona, Kaylynn’s passion for health and fitness developed early on in her teenage years. Kaylynn has always loved learning about the body and how it responds to exercise and nutrition. Kaylynn’s fitness journey began as a ballet dancer, and as she got into college, began gaining more and more interest in weight lifting for muscle growth and athletic performance.

Throughout the years at the gym, hiking, and Pilates, it became clear how useful various forms of exercise were for her mental and physical health. She quickly started becoming the go-to resource for friends and family on healthy tips and recipes! That’s when her passion sparked to become a health coach and she first initiated the process of becoming a certified personal trainer.

Since getting certified as a P1 Health and Wellness Coach in 2021, Kaylynn has helped tons of clients reach their goals by living a healthier lifestyle, combining intelligent dietary strategies with healthy exercise programs. She is big on educating each one of her clients, so in the long run, they are capable of being their own best health advocates, and no longer relying on her for long term guidance in order to live their best, healthiest lives.

As a coach, Kaylynn, believes in empowering women and men to take charge of their health and fitness journeys. It’s crucial to recognize that strength comes in many forms, and embracing one’s unique body and capabilities is paramount. Through tailored workout plans and personalized nutritional guidance, Kaylynn aims to support her clients in achieving their fitness goals, fostering a sense of confidence, resilience, and self-love that transcends the gym and permeates every aspect of their lives. Together, we celebrate the incredible strength and potential that lies within each and every one!