Kara works with lifestyle and functional health cases. Overcoming her own struggles with gut health and hormones sparked her passion for helping others step into a body that feels and looks incredible! It’s her mission to make sure that others who are struggling receive support & direction while feeling understood. Kara has been practicing functional medicine for over a year and is constantly striving to further her education. She’s been mentored by some of the top coaches in the industry and is truly a nerd for all things functional health, however is obsessed with training as well! Her favorite muscle group to train is quads and her favorite exercise is pendulum squat. Kara loves showing clients the incredible physique progress they can experience when their internal health is in check.

She was born and raised in Rochester, NY but now lives in Austin, TX. Aside from fitness and functional health, she also loves all things skincare & beauty! When she’s not coaching, she loves to go on walks with friends, listen to podcasts, bake and explore new coffee shops.