Chris Watje

Chris’s undeniable passion for health and fitness began 12 years ago when he enlisted in the U.S Army to now being nationally qualified and chasing down his pro card in bodybuilding. Seeing the required amount of physical effort and well-being needed to be a paratrooper, He knew he personally needed to make some changes in his life in order to progress in his field.
After the military he took his passion into the motorsports world where he became a tire carrier doing pit stops for Team Penske’s sportscar program. Chris not only excelled in this new career path but also decided to start personally training his teammates in order for them to be more efficient and faster at their jobs.
After 3 years he decided it was time for him to get his personal training certification through NASM and left the world of racing to open his own personal training business and hasn’t looked back since. Since starting he has helped over 100 in-person as well as remote clients reach their own personal goals while maintaining a good relationship with every one of them.
Since 2016 Chris has prepped and competed in multiple bodybuilding shows and is always striving to better himself all while improving the health and longevity of his clients. He is always looking to further his education to make sure he is always giving his clients the best guidance and experience that he can.