Bella Jones

Bella coaches novice competitors and lifestyle athletes. Bella has been a nerd about all things fitness since age 11 when her mother said, “when you are fit, you can do anything” which sparked her passion. Bella started as a long distance runner and trained herself to run 15 miles/day at age 14. After a series of injuries from competitive running landed Bella in the weight room for rehab, she found her true love – weight lifting, which then transformed into competitive bodybuilding at age 21.

Bella has been coaching new competitors and lifestyle athletes for two years, and her favorite thing about coaching is finding each athlete’s “fingerprint” when designing their protocol. Bella meets everyone where they are and works to find the plan that will work toward their individual needs to set them up for sustainable, long-term success. Bella has worked with farmers, prior military, stay-at-home mothers, and entrepreneurs – whatever your lifestyle is, Bella will formulate the plan that will work with you while keeping your long-term health in mind; part of Bella’s approach is finding the lifestyle change that will be sustainable, educating her athletes on the how and why every step of the way.